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Marketing automation + CRM + Notifications + Autofilling + another SaaS integration. There’s huge potential there that will need to be solved by your CTO. In my personal opinion, titles are irrelevant until you have at least 20 employees. Still, it might be important for someone to call themselves co-founder, so you should be willing to grant that if necessary. If someone wants to have a Chief-Something title, and you think that person is senior enough – why not.

Where to hire a CTO

This is why hiring a CTO for a startup is essential — taking the technical expertise and the experience they hold into consideration. A CTO ensures that the product developmen is on track, meets deadlines, follows budgets, manages technical debt — leading to a positive cash flow. It is essential to look not only at skills and experience but at a person’s fit within the company’s purpose and business goals.

Ideally, you will want someone with experience in the technology field as well as economics. This is because they will be able to give valuable insight into how they can help grow your company and also help implement the right strategy at the same time. If you have both resources and time then go ahead and hire someone.

Who Is A Cto?

One company I advise has two co-founders who are entrepreneurs. They hired a great offshore software engineering team to code their MVP. They are happy with the offshore team’s results but can’t read code themselves. They thought they needed a CTO, but we found a technical advisor instead.

When you’re hiring a new chief technology officer , there’s often added complexity. This is a highly specialized position involving a professional who can direct and guide operations in a rapidly changing technological landscape. A candidate has the potential to positively impact your business growth or leave you lagging behind your competitors. A Chief Technical Officer is one of the most important personas in any tech company. They are responsible for making all technical decisions to start, develop, and scale the business.

  • At different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, a CTO plays a varied role.
  • If the tech team don’t perform to the standard you need, having lots of funding and great product ideas will be a waste.
  • Backend Engineers– They are in charge of data structures and coding.
  • Startups usually have small budgets and can not afford to have a CTO in the team.
  • Shirley has already developed the first version of her platform with an outsourced company.

It’s difficult for young startups to attract C-level candidates. Such candidates want to earn the same or even bigger salaries than in their previous jobs, and the amounts they want are often unaffordable for small teams. CTOs should have strong understanding of the company’s specific business requirements to create a framework that uses the current available technologies to fulfill the company’s goals. Being a startup, a CTO should be excited about the company’s product and plans, to visualize the end-product and to share the same vision with the development team. CTO should be strongly driven by its passion to bring their idea to life while ensuring success for the company.

Find A Fractional Cto On Demand

And selecting the right platform plays a pivotal role in the same. They will help you decide which platform is suitable for the type of startup app idea that you have come forthwith. Moreover, they will also analyze all technical aspects of the product, target audience, and other specifications to find the right platform. Following the software MVP scope is imperative for development, especially for a startup.

Where to hire a CTO

However, many startups have succeeded without a CTO by hiring a technology partner for themselves. They act as the decision-makers when it comes to technology in the startup. Be https://globalcloudteam.com/ it selecting the technology for development, frameworks & libraries for front/back-end, or the programming languages for the software development, CTO is responsible for it all.

According to Gartner, there are four primary CTO personas that you need to be aware of. These personas also help answer what is the role of a CTO in your startup. Our broad network of battle-tested software developers, designers, managers and business consultants is here for you.

Consider Bringing On A Technical Advisor Before You Hire A Cto

Many startup founders say that cultural fit is of utmost importance, as well. The founder and everyone else should get along well to work productively together. To develop that kind of rapport, shared values and similar worldviews help tremendously. For example, a startup CTO is expected to not only be knowledgeable about a broad range of technologies, but also be heavily involved in product development.

Where to hire a CTO

Now we know the volume we need to satisfy coming in on the left and the response time required on the right. The middle is what the system needs to do in order to respond to that volume of requests within that timeframe. Our system must access our data, possibly 3rd party services, do some calculation and then get back to the user or the other system with our response. We get a set of requests for our system to do something – generally from users or external systems.

A chief technology officer, or CTO, is in charge of the technological aspects of a company. Interesting that Tim Jackson on #startupgrind mention that VC might prefer even rater two tech cto duties cofounders than one ☝️. That’s why I always advise startups to get CTO, even before jumping into any implementation. I’m Dave and I runCEO coaching programs for Series A+ tech founders.

Also, a CTO specialist can guide your business in the technology field. If you have a large business where outdated technology or practices affect productivity, it’s high time to update. However, a large-scale technology update can be a struggle. A CTO specialist can make this transition more comfortable and keep your company up-to-date.

Ability To Leverage A Powerful Tech Stack

And as a Fractional CTO, my costs will be a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO, freeing up budget for individual contributors who are the real engine of a technical team. From this information, I’ll be able to formulate a picture of what the organization needs. In some cases, I will talk to a CEO and realize that it’s just not very clear. In that case, I may need to have an initial meeting with a couple key players.

Technology is constantly changing, becoming better, faster and much more intelligent. As such, a fractional CTO look to encourage and promote the use of the current, relevant technology to improve a business’ performance and enable competitive business practices. It is important to find a balance between a business’ core technology necessities and what they can do to move the organization forward in technology capabilities.

CTO is the one who takes responsibility for creating such a strategy. They also make sure that owners, investors, team leads know and understand the strategy. Both startups and big companies should take their time while choosing the right person. However, startups run not only into the problem of finding someone good but into the issue of finding a great CTO who is ready to work with a startup. Let’s face it — CTO communicates a lot with developers, c-level managers, clients, and others. There are CTOs of all flavors—some who have scaled businesses before, some who are technical wizards, some who are visionaries, some who have walked your path before, and some who haven’t.

Where to hire a CTO

They gather and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data that typically are made sense by them at the end of the day. They extract meaning out of complicated data and extract meaning to interpret them. It helps the company to understand their product and target users better. Like any senior-level position, the hiring process for a CTO can be quite extensive and challenging.

Getting Yourself A Cto

Level the playing field by putting your money into the business. While it’s difficult, it’s clearly not impossible for non-technical founders to find a CTO. Well, the obvious is to get your profile on Hired updated!

Idyllic Software Inc

Some agencies can build your product at cost – in return for a percentage of future profits. As a rule of thumb – it’s doubtful that you will be able to hire for all of the positions immediately – that means the CTO will need to be filling in the gaps with their skills and time regularly. They are great for building and growing your network, but the important thing here is to stay aware of what you need to get and not get lost in all the information they produce and share. A good idea might be to set milestones , so you can look back, analyze, and properly use connections and data you’ve collected. Add to your list meetups that are closely related to your niche and your industry. As a non-tech founder or C-level manager, get prepared since tech people love using buzzwords and jargon or just professional words and phrases you may not be familiar with.

The most widespread option is hiring a Chief Technology Officer if you need a high-level technical specialist to manage the software development process. I started YourCTO because I faced a similar dilemma to what you might be facing. I had an idea for a software product, some money to spend on developing the idea, but no clue how to make software or vet and find a reliable technology team.

This is a fast way to validate a team’s experience, expertise, and approach to work. It’s also a good practice to establish tight working relationships between your team and your outsourcing company. When choosing a company for your CTO position, you’re dealing with a partner that’s already been in your shoes and knows the rules of the technology market. A strong CTO is worth every penny you pay them when you will see the rewards delivered in terms of your company’s success.

Before constructing a wireframe that delivers the product’s frontend, the User Experience Team comes up with content scope, functional scope, information architecture and interaction design. Becoming a CTO is a long journey for any executive coming from a technical background. When you are looking for someone to fill in the CTO position, never miss out on checking the relevant experience they have in the field. You are likely to run into a CTO who offers to manage your project in their spare time. According to our experience and those of our clients, it is impossible.

Hired Spotlight On Chief Technology Officer Dave Walters

They need to communicate not just with the developers but also the stakeholders in order to convey the progress of the product and how to move ahead with the same. A key characteristic of a Chief Technical Officer is passion. They should have the belief in your idea and be passionate about taking it forward. They won’t be like a developer who just writes codes or adds functionalities. Rather, they should be driven and passionate to take the idea further while ensuring success for the startup. A CTO position would transition into a role that delegates and develops the Technology/Product team further after your startup receives more investment.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. These platforms give serious consideration to remote contractors’ verifications. They perform several checks to identify people and test their skills and knowledge to make sure that the information job seekers share is trustworthy. Remote contractors are easy to validate if you’re looking for one on a platform like Toptal or Upwork where you can read a lot of feedback about candidates and check their technical tests. These personal qualities, in many cases, play a critical role in an employee’s success.

So look out for this deadly combination before you get him onboard. Occasionally a CTO is also known as the “Vice President of Engineering and Technology”. His primary role is to develop strategies and implement new technologies to the growing business.

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