With the crypto exchange platform, you can get positive and quick results. Let’s count some points why you should launch your own white label crypto exchange. Our cryptocurrency exchange solution is fully compliant to PCI-DSS and PSD2 featuring SCA, multi-signature wallets, RBAC, Audit trail and more. KYC/AML verification is a necessity for every blockchain crypto exchange, as it allows only authentic users into the exchange. KYC/AML ensures highly-secure, risk-free business transactions across the globe. The modular architecture of our Software Platform makes it suitable for multiple types of businesses.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

Popular and exotic currency pairs, as well as CFD shares, can be added to the dashboard of the cryptocurrency exchange on request to customize it. Coming with A-Book and B-book business models, UpTrader also produces software that can launch binary options. Hashlogics is providing the best white label crypto exchange solutions.

With the access to the best solutions and practices, they also enable the buyers to use the customized style guide that contains platform innovation in multiple languages, involving multiple currencies. A licensing team would help the buyers to launch the project and get a grip of the market, while Coinsquare’s deep liquidity pool would help in sourcing crypto exchange software solutions liquidity. Above all, a dedicated support team would walk the buyers through the A to Z of the administrative portal. Commence your Cryptocurrency Exchange with robust, customizable, and highly secure White label cryptocurrency exchange software. Infinite Block Tech offers the best-in-class development services with an exceptionally skilled team.

Global money transfer Send and receive money across borders in any currency. One embed offer FDIC-insured services that customers can use to manage their funds, earn interest and pay bills, send money and receive it all from one place. Alviere’s banking technology allows you to easily embed FBO accounts (For-Benefit of) into your platform, so you can offer customized financial services for your clients and employees. FBO accounts allow you to track your finances and use in real-time, which allows you to choose the right services. Armoured with thirty plus ready to go products to enhance any business in the FinTech sector, UpTrader also offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions. The services that they provide let the buyers have access to MT4 and a wide range of trading instruments.

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White label cryptocurrency exchanges offer features ranging from buying and selling crypto to fiat-crypto conversion, trading, staking, and holding cryptocurrencies. In addition, these solutions can be customized based on the requirements of the business. It takes a lot of time and high costs to develop cryptocurrency exchange solutions capable of supporting the trading operations with various tokenized assets from scratch. The most innovative way to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform with less development cost is to use the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Blockchain App Factory is another specialized white label cryptocurrency exchange solution offering a wide array of solutions.

Antier, being a leading crypto exchange development company enables customers to launch scalable exchange platforms that deliver a world-class trading experience for a sweeping range of NFTs. The best white label cryptocurrency exchange software offered at Antier Solutions is integrated with dedicatedly crafted referral and reward programs to enable users to earn when they bring in more users. The users can https://xcritical.com/ enjoy multiple payment methods while using the white label crypto exchange software solution. In the rapidly-evolving blockchain industry, where time-to-market is a crucial determiner of success, white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions have tremendous potential. As more and more players enter the space, it’ll only become more competitive, thus requiring businesses to capture their markets even faster.

White label crypto exchange solutions are useful for companies that want to quickly launch a full-featured cryptocurrency exchange without creating one from scratch. Compare the best White Label Crypto Exchange software currently available using the table below. Our website cryptocurrency exchange scripts are extremely secure and reliable. Our web applications are mobile-responsive, so users can trade even when using mobile browsers. Our P2P Bitcoin Exchange Script allows you to quickly create an order book and manage all orders efficiently.

Bitcoin is the first and most popular virtual cryptocurrency put on the market. It runs on its blockchain with verified transactions that are carried out transparently and securely. For instance, after reaching its highest level in November 2021 at $68,000, the cost of bitcoin collapsed by almost 30% in one month. Thus, it is safer to handle crypto with third-party service providers. The most essential providers in terms of trade volumes are Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken, Kucoin, and others.

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With plenty of experience in the Blockchain arena, HashCash Consultants offers a plethora of services concerning White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions. The cryptocurrency exchange software that they provide is a high-frequency trading platform for digital assets. The white label software is SegWit enabled along with supporting multi-signature and multi-currency prospects. The white label cryptocurrency exchange software also supports USD, Euro, and major fiat world currencies. It protects users against 3-point architecture and DB encryption hacks by providing bank-level defenses. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange software integrates with powerful APIs and a user-friendly UI to meet the needs of traders and investors.

  • The white label cryptocurrency exchange software also supports USD, Euro, and major fiat world currencies.
  • This cryptocurrency investment script can be able to perform crypto depth analysis.
  • Over time, cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged as the primary way for users to interact with blockchain-based assets.
  • Our developers develop cryptocurrency tokens for the exchange to improve the platform’s liquidity.
  • Its highly rated solutions are successfully deployed across the globe and are earning as institutions themselves.

You can execute exchange operations directly without the participation of financial intermediaries or third parties. The company assures that no technical expertise required for the setup of exchange, however, at the same time they provide detailed and quite technical documentation to the software. B2BinPay`s Wallets Solution is a highly secure, reliable and scalable multi cryptocurrency wallets solution for exchanges. A Crypto Spot Exchange is a company where customers are able to trade without leverage and exchange crypto assets on stablecoins or fiat currencies and vice versa. There are also a fair number of crypto-crypto exchanges, but these are less popular nowadays due to the shrinking token markets. But the launch of such exchanges requires no serious investments of time and money in legal questions and amount of such exchanges is still growing.

Based in Belarus company provides a cryptocurrency trading platform that’s in their words offers a unique opportunity to start a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform. We know that the platform uses software of BitShares DEX, design can be customized and over 50+ cryptocurrency gateways are supported. In their proposal, no mobile apps were mentioned so I think the solution doesn’t provide mobile apps.

Biometric-enabled Wallet Development

A brokerage business is resistant to most crises as it is a business that can be run with a fully-remote team and has been proven during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Our clients reported growth compared with the months pre-COVID-19 as people started using their services more during the lockdown period. A comprehensive solution comprising services and technologies that enables businesses to start a new Cryptocurrency exchange with minimal outlay in under 1 month. When it comes to white label crypto wallet applications, there are many fintech companies like CoinSwitch Kuber, Coinpayments, Coinkite, Blockchain Global. Infinite Block Tech has the most experienced blockchain development team to provide you with the best Cryptocurrency Exchange integrated with effecicient smart contracts. Our developers develop cryptocurrency tokens for the exchange to improve the platform’s liquidity.

The company has a proficient team of experts that is highly qualified and sufficiently experienced to offer customized software solutions so that it appropriately suits all business requirements. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script or CES is a software development company that obtained its recognition in a very short span of time because of its assurance of first-class results. The team consists of highly talented blockchain enthusiasts that work diligently to innovate as well as develop robust cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Running an exchange with BitBlinx software will cost you from €25,000-50,000 and another €3,000-5,000 monthly maintenance fee. In the future we are planning to release a box solution so that we can give the installation files to clients. Offer him a free giveaway after registration such as a trading course, welcome bonus or a guide about the main features of the exchange. A professional, correctly developed token increases the capitalization of your exchange. Our servers are protected by a high-grade cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution. This prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant.

Fruitful benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange

Thus, it is very important to define regulatory rules to ensure the successful launch of the white label exchange. Gathering the requirements from our clients is the initial step that we follow for creating a crypto exchange. We analyze the needs of our clients and provide them with the best solution. AlphaPoint is the white label platform for exchanges, brokerages and tokenization of assets. Allow your users to trade cryptocurrencies on the go with crypto exchange mobile app for iOS and Android that are intuitively designed for novice and experts alike.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

You can lower your risks and cost outlay by allowing us to take care of it. We look after all node patches and updates so there is no need for you to be involved in any way since they all come under the umbrella of our enterprise solution. Give your clients the opportunity to check their trading activity and analyze the key metrics inside the B2Core cabinet.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions increase the potential that enhances returns on investment. Besides offering faster deployment, it also offers prompt strategies to organizations who lack technical experience to build their own cryptocurrency exchange software. Velmie built an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated crypto exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms. By choosing a white label crypto exchange solution, your business is also absolved of the process of setting up and deploying a server for your business‘ exchange. The process and cost are often handled by the white label crypto exchange developers. Multiple payment gateways widen the customer base and enhance customers’ trust in crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Supporting 60+ blockchain networks with RPC Nodes, Validator Nodes, APIs. We power the blockchain economy with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable node management platform. Customers can earn staking rewards on over 20 Proof-of-Stake networks while qualified institutions maintain the custody and management of funds. As a security first technology provider, Blockdaemon is trusted by some of the largest banks, custodians, brokerages and money managers in the world to securely manage their blockchain infrastructure. Offering a user-friendly experience, Ibinex offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions that would let buyers easily customize their own platform. Aside from offering liquidity and OTC based solutions for delivery and leveraged trading, Ibinex also assists with mobile apps software that has a detailed back-end service.

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Using any of the top white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions would provide the users with the following advantages. Bitcoin exchange white label software is pre-configured and requires no further configuration. The term „white label cryptocurrency exchange“ refers to a standard template that houses all users’ essential cryptocurrency requirements in one area. Along with enhanced security features, it provides a plethora of customization options. White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions were launched to alleviate the difficulty of creating a cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up.

What are the benefits of having an exchange software platform?

Provides platform users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets depending on customer needs. We at Coinsclone offer end-to-end crypto business software solutions for all budding startups and entrepreneurs who are willing to start a crypto exchange business & reap profits. It will help to upsurge the order flow & filling system for crypto trades placed. You can connect the API of other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges which helps you in achieving higher liquidity. Developing and launching a cryptocurrency exchange is often daunting and cost-intensive.

Every client’s data is housed in PayBito, which delivers accurate and comprehensive information. If used in combination with a document management system, you can get rid of paper and let the system handle all of your data. Because of the effectiveness of crypto’s data monitoring, it is less likely that it will be lost or misused. In addition, a digital wallet may be established using this technology to speed up consumer transactions. We’ve selected just the best white label cryptocurrency exchange solution providers here.

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