Running Multiple Businesses

If the costs are overwhelming, you should definitely re-evaluate the number of companies you own. Sometimes two companies is more than enough, and often too many would put too much burden on your bank account. I stopped doing that a long time ago because worrying about small details is like stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. In other words, I know if I waste time focusing on little ways to save money , I may miss a big opportunity to acquire a new customer or make a sale. I keep a running to-do list of all the action items that need my attention, with each item flagged as low, medium or high priority. Each evening, I revisit the list to plan my workload for the following day. This way, I know exactly where I need to focus my attention.

Therefore, the more companies you have, the more of these insights you uncover. And the beautiful thing about this promotion is that I don’t have to pay another company for advertising or guest posts. For instance, Right Inbox and MailShake are two different products. However, I can cross promote MailShake in a blog post on and vice versa.

Business Plan Review-When and Why Should I Review My Business Plan?

When you’re running multiple businesses, you’re busy all the time. In short, writing things down in a notepad helps you stay focused and organized, both of which are greatly needed when running multiple businesses. That may not sound possible when running multiple businesses — but it’s necessary for the long haul.

Running Multiple Businesses

But if you’re making a healthy profit and paying yourself a real wage, never do any job that normally pays less than an hourly wage you’re making or would accept for yourself. I.e. – if mowing your lawn can be done for $20/hour, and you’re making the equivalent of $100/hour, don’t you dare mow your own lawn. Recognizing what you don’t like to do or may not be good at is one of the first steps to relieving the stress of owning a business. Entrepreneurs are naturally hard workers and DIY-ers, so it can be hard to let go of even small things like mowing the lawn.

Bring in experts to handle certain aspects of the company.

But it will give you another income stream with little management. The courses I’m currently developing have stemmed from one-off questions that clients have about niche marketing techniques. If one of them is maxed out on the monthly income it can provide, have your team document how to maintain it so Running Multiple Businesses it can be delegated out to one or two people. Writing out a process can help you see any redundant or unnecessary steps that can be eliminated moving forward. Ideally, employees should have an 80/20 billable to non-billable ratio. Employees who are solely non-bill would be factored into overhead costs.

The investment rises, but i can earn more from another business in the same time. And the more businesses you are handling, the more will be the pressure on your brain and your body. The first place to start when organizing your schedule is to use a calendar. I prefer an online calendar; then, I can update and view my schedule on my phone. I also like the fact that I receive reminders and notifications from the phone as well. You can’t survive with just strong horizontal leaders – otherwise you might be broad across many areas, but not deep in any.

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Additionally, you must be willing to let go of a particular method. Scaling more quickly and sustainably depends on your ability to outsource, delegate, and rely on the knowledge of others. If you invest in your people, they will be able to make running multiple businesses far more manageable and enjoyable. You will require a larger team as your business grows. You must invest more time in managing and developing your team. Focus on building a solid team, emphasising each team member’s skills. There are no exceptions to the need for a strong team when marketing and executing multiple businesses.

What 3 things make a business successful?

  • Willingness to take chances. Business owners who are willing to take chances tend to achieve more than those who play it safe.
  • Unique value.
  • Tenacity.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Good marketing.
  • Strong vision.
  • Passionate leaders.
  • Empowered employees.

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