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what is a flexible budget

A flexible budget is a revised master budget that represents expected costs given actual sales. Costs in the flexible budget are compared to actual costs to evaluate performance. Then, upload the final flexible budget for the completed period into your accounting system so you can compare it https://www.bookstime.com/ with actual expenses through a variance analysis. The key difference between the static budget and the flexible budget is the volume or sales units used in the projections. The static budget uses the original volume forecasted, while the flexible budget is updated for the actual volume.

  • Over this time period, the shop expects an average of 250 customers per day , each buying one cup of coffee that costs $3.
  • Using this budget allows the company to ensure more accuracy when determining how many sales they expect to make.
  • Since the actual activity level is not available before the accounting period closes, flexible budgets can only be prepared at the end of the period.
  • As variables change over time, for instance, variations in raw material prices, the flexible budget is able to consider these changes, make adjustments and compare them with actual results.
  • Even households can benefit from using this type of approach to budgeting.

Jake is now working on a flexible budget for his sales department! His supervisor gave him to green light to keep selling and keep paying his sales people! As he works on his budget, he notices that even though increased sales cause increases in some of the expenses in his department, others, such as rent, stay the same. This makes Jake really happy, as the net profit for his department is rising along with the increase in sales! Let’s take a look at how a flexible budget can help businesses grow, and offer a better picture of where budgeted expenses should be.

Revenue Comparison

Helps in estimating budgeted costs for each level of activities. The managers prepare multiple budgets, which helps in selecting the most cost-effective option. This type of budget provides information about costs, profits, etc. Therefore, it helps in performing comparisons and analyses like Marginal Analysis. It analyses the costs with respect to the variations in the output levels. Consequently, the categorization of cost takes place under Fixed, Variable and Semi-variable. We have noticed that the recovery rate (Budgeted hrs/Total expenses) at the activity level of 70 % is $0.61 per hr.

what is a flexible budget

The flexible budget at first appears to be an excellent way to resolve many of the difficulties inherent in a static budget. However, there are also a number of serious issues with it, which we address below. Expenditures may only vary within certain ranges of revenue or other activities; outside of those ranges, a different proportion of expenditures may apply. A sophisticated flexible budget will change the proportions for these expenditures if the measurements they are based on exceed their target ranges. what is a flexible budget Discover how procurement and sourcing teams are collaborating with financial planning and analysis teams to drive savings and maintain business continuity despite economic volatility. Expense TypeDescriptionExamplesFixedCosts that do not change over the short-term, even if there is a shift in the amount of goods/services produced or sold. Rent, lease payments, insurance, interest payments, website fees, certain salaries.VariableCosts that change based on the number of goods or services a company produces.

Flexible Budget Definition

Mary Girsch-Bock is the expert on accounting software and payroll software for The Ascent. Compensation may impact the order of which offers appear on page, but our editorial opinions and ratings are not influenced by compensation. The factors of production are prone to certain limitations and are not in human control. Making a prediction based on these resources can be difficult. It is quite difficult to prepare and requires experts for its preparation.

what is a flexible budget

Instead of using a dollar amount, they can allocate 10% of the company’s revenue. The flexible budget can help to measure the performance of employees and managers. The flexible budget can be categorized into three different types. These include the basic flexible budget, intermediate flexible budget, and the advanced flexible budget. Businesses can opt to use one of these based on the need or goals of the company.

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The model is designed to match actual expenses to expected expenses, not to compare revenue levels. There is no way to highlight whether actual revenues are above or below expectations.

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